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2013-2014 Dodge Dart Specifications, Dimensions, and Comparisons

vintage Dart vs 2013 Dart

Wheelbase 106.4 (2.70 m)   Weight, with 2.0 engine 3,173 lb (1,439 kg)
Length 183.9 (4.67 m) Weight, 1.4 engine 3,211 lb (1,455 kg)
Width 72.0 (1.83 m) Weight, 2.4 engine 3,297 (1,495 kg)
Height 57.7 (1.47 m) Seating 2 front, 3 rear
Track Up to 61.7 (1.57 m) EPA interior volume 97.2 cubic feet

Dodge Dart vs Neon, Chrysler 200, and 1975 Dodge Dart

Car magazines have generall reported 0-60 in 8.3-8.4 seconds for the 1.4/manual.

Colors (12 of the 14): Redline Red Pearl Coat, Header Orange Pearl Coat, Blue Streak Pearl Coat, True Blue Pearl Coat, Winter Chill Pearl Coat, Laguna Blue Clear Coat, Maximum Steel Metallic Clear Coat, Tungsten Metallic Clear Coat, Bright Silver Metallic Clear Coat, Citrus Peel Pearl Coat, Pitch Black Clear Coat and Bright White Clear Coat.

2013 Dart 2012 C. 200 2004 Neon1995 Neon
Headroom (front/rear) 38.6 / 37.0* 40.1 / 38.4 38.4 / 36.739.6 / 36.5
Legroom (front/rear) 42.2 / 35.3 42.4 / 36.2 42.2 / 34.842.5 / 33.9
Hip room (front/rear) 54.8 / 52.6 52.6 / 52.8 52.4 / 52.950.8 / 50.6
Shoulder room (front/rear) 58.2 / 56.1 56.3 / 56.0 53.4 / 52.852.5 / 52.3
Weight (pounds) 3,173+ 3,389+ 2,581 +2,400+
Drag coefficient 0.285* 0.331 0.342 - 0.350.34
EPA front/rear volume 54.8 / 42.4 54.3 / 46.0 90.3 total 
SAE luggage volume 13.1 cu ft 13.6 cu ft 13.1 cu ft13 cu ft?

* 37.4 / 35.4 with sunroof. Drag coefficient is for models with active grille shutters and underbody treatment (standard on all but SE, where they are optional)
** Trunk volume listed as 16.6 cubic feet; it was irregularly sized and this does not appear to have been an SAE measurement (we suspect it’s “optimistic.”)

The 41-mpg (highway) Dodge Dart Aero uses a turbocharged 1.4 liter Fiat engine (160 hp, 184 lb-ft) with low rolling resistance tires, weight reductions, and better aerodynamics; it has similar equipment as SXT.

Bringing out the comparison between the 2013 Dodge Dart and the final 1975-76 Dodge Dart ($3,269 in 1975) shows the two cars to be unmatched in size — with the old Dart having a bigger footprint (19 inches longer!) and smaller interior:

2013 Dodge Dart specifications versus the modern competition

The closest in size to Dart: Cruze, Sentra, Elantra, Jetta. Closest in power: Jetta. Closest in price: all but Mazda3 and Jetta. Closest in weight: Cruze.

Dart is by far the heaviest. That said, Cruze is similarly sound-insulated and sized, and nearly the same weight. Aside from Focus, Dart has the most powerful base engine. (Comparison table by Jim Choate)

 Dodge Dart Toyota CorollaChevy CruzeFord FocusHonda CivicNissan SentraHyundai ElantraMazda3VW
Base MSRP:$15,995 $15,900$16,720$16,500$15,805$16,060$16,445$15,200$15,365
Weight:3173 27343082290726082975304628662804
Interior space (summarized)
Passenger Volume97.2 92.194.690.794.697.495.694.194.1
Trunk13.1 12.315.413.212.513.114.811.815.5
Total110.3 104.4110.0103.9107.1110.5110.4105.9109.6
Engines (single figures for ease of comparison): SE / SXT-Limited
Horsepower:160 / 184 132138160140140148148115
Torque: 147 / 171 128123146128147131135125
Front interior space
Headroom:38.6 38.839.338.339.040.640.038.938.2
Legroom:42.2 41.742.341.942.042.443.642.041.2
Shoulder:58.2 54.854.855.656.656.955.954.955.2
 Dodge Dart Toyota CorollaChevy CruzeFord FocusHonda CivicNissan SentraHyundai ElantraMazda3VW
Rear passenger space
Headroom:37.0 37.237.938.037.137.337.137.537.1
Legroom:35.3 36.335.433.236.234.533.136.238.1
Shoulder:56.1 54.753.953.753.355.154.854.053.6
Hiproom:52.6 43.952.452.751.453.052.752.2n/a
Detailed engine power (SE vs.....)
HP@rpm160@6300 132@6000138@6300160@6500140@6500140@5100148@6500148@6500115@5200
Torque@rpm147@4600 128@4400123@3800146@4450128@4300147@4800131@4700135@4500125@4000
Gas mileage25/36 27/3425/3626/3628/3624/3129/4025/3324/34
Exterior dimensions
Wheelbase:106.4 102.4105.7104.3105.1105.7106.3103.9104.4
Length:183.9 180.0181.0178.5175.5179.8178.3180.9182.2
Width:72.0 69.470.771.869.070.569.969.170.0
Height:57.7 57.758.157.756.559.556.557.957.2

Of note, the optional 1.4 liter engine on Dart was rated at 27 city, 39 highway (37 mpg highway with the automatic).

Gas mileage figures are summarized for the various cars, below. In 2014, the 2.4 replaced the 2.0 on SXT and Limited, and the 1.4 option was dropped; now, the 2.0 was available only on SE, the 1.4 only on Aero. GT continued to have lower economy ratings due to special gearing and calibrations.

CA City
CA Highway

US City
1.4 Manual (2013 only)7.44.938582739
1.4 Dual Clutch (2013 only)7.45.338532737
2.0 Manual8.15.435522536
2.0 Automatic8.75.832492434
2.4 Manual (GT)    2333
2.4 Automatic (GT)    2130
1.4 Dual Clutch Auto - Aero 4.9  2840
1.4 Manual - Aero 4.8  2841
2.4 Manual (except GT)    2536
2.4 Auto (except GT)     35

In 2013, Dodge compared the Dart Limited, at $19,995, favorably against the base Camry L, at $21,995. Dart had the reconfigurable cluster display, large touch-screen stereo, heated outside mirrors with turn signals, and ten-way power seats, which the Camry did not. They also pointed out that, unlike the $62,140 Mercedes C63 AMG, the Dart had the reconfigurable display, large touch screen, heated steering, and ten airbags. (They also noted that the $37,000 Volvo C30 had six airbags.) This table is from Chrysler:

2013Dart SXTDart AeroCruze 1LTJetta SECorolla LEFocus SE
Starting price$17,995$19,795$18,555$18,725$17,910$17,500
Engine2. I-51.82.0
Power160 / 148160 / 184138 / 148170/177134/128160/146
Passenger Volume97.297.294.594.192.090.8
Wheels (aluminum)17” 16”16” SteelOpt, $860Opt, $895
Std. 4-wheel disc brakesYesYesNoNoNoNo
Speakers6 6464

They saw the $18,995 Rallye as comparable to $19,745 Cruze 1LT with RS and $20,528 Focus SE with Sport Package and 17” alloy wheels.

2013Dart LimitedCruze 2LTElantra LimitedCivic EX-LFocus SEL
Base engine horsepower/torque160 / 148138 / 148148/131140/128160/146
Passenger Volume97.294.595.694.690.7
Reconfigurable dashboard7”NoNo4”No
Touch-screen stereo8.4”7” Opt
7” Opt
Rear cameraStandardNoPackageNo$695
Fog lampsStandard$229Standard$325Standard
Dual auto temp controlPackageNoPackageNoStandard
Heated seats (Dart has
heated wheel, others do not)

Gear ratios for the 2013 Dodge Dart transmissions:

 FirstSecondThirdFourthFifthSixthReverseFinal DriveOverall (OTGR)
C635 six-speed manual transmission
(Final Drive, OTGR for 1.4)
6F24 Hyundai automatic transmission4.212.641.801.391.000.773.293.2 (exc GT)2.46 (exc GT)
C635 DDCT automatic (1.4)


2013 Dodge Dart vs 1975 Dodge Dart

2013 Dodge Dart1975 Dodge Dart
Headroom, front38.637.6
... rear37.036.7
Legroom, front42.241.5
... rear35.331.9
Shoulder room, front58.256.3
... rear56.156.0
Base weight (pounds)3,173 3,140
Price, 2012 dollars$16,000+$13,746+ *

* Some standard features in the new Dart that were not standard in the original: stereo, CD player, aux port, air conditioner, interval wipers, airbags, rear shoulder belts, bucket seats, steering-wheel audio controls, LED tail lamps, projector headlamps, halogen headlamps, radials, power windows, mirrors, and locks, remote entry, electronic stability control, four wheel disc brakes, antilock brakes, six speed transmission (instead of three speed), cloth seats, side window de-misters, vanity mirror, cup holders, change tray, remote hood release, seat belt pre-tensioners, probably day/night mirror.

Standard features in the original that are not standard in the new Dart: ashtray.

Dodge sold 164,434 1975 Dodge Darts in the United States, including its version of the Duster (figures here are for the four door sedan). Meanwhile, Plymouth sold 268,025 Valiants, Dusters, and Scamps.

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